Wednesday, March 4, 2009

American Ballet Theatre

Our resident ballerina is on her way. American Ballet Theatre has asked Jensen to join them for their summer intensive in Detroit, Michigan. After much deliberation we have decided to let her go.

It is so exciting to let her have this experience. She will be with dancers from all over the United States. What a tremendous learning, growing and non-stop dancing experience. At the same time it will be hard to have her gone for a month. We will miss her very much!

We are proud of her tenacity, dedication and hard work. She has so much passion for ballet. Quite an exciting summer lies ahead for our Jensen.


Kara Jayne said...

I know this was a hard decision for you, but like you said...what an incredible experience. She is a darling girl and will remember it for the rest of her life!

stacey said...

WOW!! Congrats to Jens. What a tough decision for you, but an amazing experience for her. Aaah-can you believe she is so big?! I remember when you would come over for pinochle and put those two tiny girls to sleep on our floor.
Good times I tell ya, godd times!

shawni said...

wow that's amazing. way to go, jesen!