Monday, December 29, 2008

Trying something New!

Scott had a Tee Time with a friend, so I decided to take the kids to try a new activity. Now keep in mind that my kids do not like to try new things. Especially when they will not be perfect at them. I told them they were going and they went all be it "kicking and screaming."
I have great memories as a kid of Ice skating at Utah Lake. So much fun! Now that was outdoors and we were going to an indoors rink. My kids thought I was crazy for bringing an extra layer and gloves. Little did they know what was awaiting us at...

You can tell by the nervous and anxious faces. They were not sure about this new adventure. And Holy Cow, how do you get these skates on. So perplexing to these "city kids."

After a few times around the rink, everyone started moving away from the wall. Jensen had great balance from the get go. Mackenzie was a little nervous, due to a previous tail bone injury and was not wanting to fall on it again. Alec was all boy and once he got the feel of it, he was ready to go. So watch out! He does have a new habit of skating with only the left foot gliding and pushing him. Kind of like riding a scooter.

Oops! Looks like someone had an accident. Being perfectionists, we don't like being in this position. A little hard on the ego. She was not the only one in this position. I believe Alec went down 5 times. Not bad for a 1st timer! Although he is not as graceful and will take down anyone by him.

The kids did find out that even though it is indoors, it is chilly. After the Zamboni goes across the ice it is like glass and it becomes very cold inside. Brings back great memories. I am so proud of the kids for trying this and being good sports. Now if we could get their dad to join us. I am still going to try for snow skiing. Maybe some day I will get us on the slopes shushing down. Until then, I will keep dreaming.

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