Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas Memories
New Church clothes for Christmas
It has always been a tradition to get new church clothes for Christmas. Here are the kids looking so thrilled to pose for yet another photo in front of the tree. They do look rather smashing
Christmas Eve Festivities
Christmas Eve game with friends
Every Christmas Eve we have a group over for Feliz Navidad. Pretty much it is Mexican food, games and a program on the Savior. This year we had some of the Smith clan and then Scott's cousin and his family. Alec was so excited to have lots of boys over.
We dined on fabulous Mexican, thanks to everyone for contributing. It was so yummy!! Mackenzie and Jensen did a great job with the program. Way to go girls!! It was a lovely evening.

Christmas PJ's
Another tradition is to open new PJ's on Christmas Eve. Are you ever to old for new, snugly PJ's? I don't think so.
We had a very relaxing and calm Christmas. Everyone loved their gifts and we had a great day bonding as a family.

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