Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Today is the day...

   The day has come.  It seems like we have been waiting for this day forever.  I have spent the last few weeks making lists, crossing things off the lists, enjoying my family and preparing mentally, physically and spiritually for this "BIG" day.  I feel prepared.

   I am so appreciative of all the prayers, fasting and temple attendance on my behalf.  I can say without a doubt that the calm, peaceful feeling I have and the strength I feel is a result.  I am at peace.  I was even able to sleep ALL NIGHT last night.  Amazing!!  I have had my share of a few anxiety attacks the last week, but they were short and fleeting.

   The house is stocked with food, freezer meals, and homemade cookies.  Laundry and ironing...done.  To do lists have been completed.  I purchased numerous "XL" button and zip up tops and bottoms to live in the next couple of weeks.  My parents brought over their recliner for me to live in while recovering.  Scott and Jensen are ready to wash and style my hair.  Apparently arm mobility is limited the first couple of weeks of recovery. So, I have tried to prepare for everything.

  Hospital bag is packed and ready...toiletries, new zip front sports bra (per Plastic Surgeons request), loose, new PJ's to wear home, slippers, socks (my feet freeze in hospitals), ipad loaded with books and TV shows from the DVR and of course a blow dryer for my hair.

   At noon today I turn everything over to my amazing team of doctors.  They are awesome! Dr. Jennifer Tittensor is my general surgeon and she is fabulous! Dr. Mark Jensen is my plastic surgeon and he is everything and more I could ask for or want.  I have complete confidence in my doctors.  They work together on a regular basis, they have performed this surgery numerous times before and I know they will do all that is necessary and best for me.

   A HUGE Thank You to family, friends, and my doctors.  I love each and every one of you.  I am ready to move this journey forward and start the recovery and reconstruction process.

   Lots of love, gratitude and thanks!


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