Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

2010 had a lot of twists and turns for me.
My motto of "I Can Do Hard Things" was
certainly put to the test.
With the recent changes in our life...I was searching
and pondering what I should focus on for 2011.
This simple theme kept coming to my mind....
2011 brings an array of changes in the Smith household.
I will be a single parent for half of each week,
Kenzie will move away in April,
Jensen will turn 16 and work to accelerate graduation,
Alec will need extra attention with his dad gone so much
and each month we will get closer to relocating to Utah.
I will need to remain CALM, positive and strong.
Because, "I Can Do Hard Things!"
I greet this new year with a little apprehension.
Change is hard for me and I am unsure
what else lies ahead.
It is a little like driving a winding, mountain road with
a lot of twists and turns.
You are never quite certain what will be around
the next bend.
Happy New Year family and friends!


Chris and Kristy said...

What a great focus for this new year. New job for Scott? You'll have to catch me up. Relocating??? Hmmm we have lots to talk about!! Sounds like great things are happening for your family. Thanks for being a listening ear for me all the time. I appreciate you!

Katy said...

Utah will be great! I know there's so much good here, but there's so much good waiting for you on the other side:)

Being a single parent is not for sissies. You can do it because you're tough to the bone. Love u!

Anna said...

I love your theme for the year, Brandee. I know you'll succeed in everything that comes your way! (I didn't know you were moving!)