Monday, April 5, 2010


Man, where does the time go? Seventeen years ago I was induced and spent the next 12 hours in labor...with no luck. Yep, this girl was stubborn from the get go. At 8:43 PM that night she was born via c-section. Scott and the Doctor were none too happy...just happened to be NCAA Championship Basketball game. And yet here we are again.

*Amazing young woman
*Loves Diet Dr. Pepper
*Funny...sarcastic humor
*Hard working
*Fun to be with
*Loves to stay up late and sleep in
*Graduating in 1 month...a year early from High School
*Watches LOST nonstop with Jenna
*Stubborn ( that is good and bad)
*Strong morals
*Beautiful Testimony of the gospel
*Fantastic example to others
*Great big sister
*Loves chocolate
*Very responsible
*Loves to read
*plays and teaches piano...i love to hear her playing
*LOVES Brian Regan

We have been so blessed since the day you joined our family. You are a very special young woman. Your dad and I are so lucky to be your parents and take this journey with you. We love you very much and are so proud of you. You have already accomplished so much. Thank you for being such a fantastic daughter, friend, sister and young woman. Hard to believe that you are 17. HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY!! WE LOVE YOU!!

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