Sunday, April 18, 2010

12 days of April

April is a crazy month at our house. Well, not the whole month, but
the first 12 days are jam packed. In the first 12 days of April,
we have 3 birthday's and Easter.
It is non-stop partying at this house.
The kids wore their Easter outfits the week
before Easter.

Alec and his friend Cole did the Easter egg coloring.
They had a great time!
Kenzie's birthday came right on the heels of Easter this year.
Jenna came and decorated her car.
At our house on your birthday you get;
flowers or balloons to carry at school, taken to lunch
or lunch brought to you, dinner of your choice
and your choice of birthday dessert.

Kenzie with her Chocolate-Pnut Butter Pie.
(recipe will be coming)

Next came my birthday.
Scott was fabulous with a little surprise each day.
My fav...macaroons!
Essence Bakery does a great job,
but the macaroons in Paris are the best!

My favorite flowers...tulips.

Scott and Jensen made my cake..
Coconut with raspberry filling.
It was yummy!!

Scott spoiled me with...
and a fabulous day!
Thank you to all the friends and family who dropped off goodies,
took me to lunch and gave thoughtful gifts.
I appreciate each one of you.

Jensen was the next birthday girl.
Alec was dieing to give her this...
a hot pink Snuggie!

Jensen pick homemade, cake batter Ice Cream
for her birthday dessert.
(recipe coming soon)

We had a wonderful Easter..conference, family, brunch and a lovely dinner.
Birthdays were fun, busy and tiring.
I can't believe that April is half over.
What a fun and crazy 2 weeks.

Lots of recipes to come.
We baked, cooked and ate a lot.

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stacey said...

sorry I missed it. A little craxy around here. I am SOSOSOSOSO jealous you got p90X I have been wanting that. If you ever come up here, you need to bring it so i can play!! mISSYOU