Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break

We took a family road trip for Spring Break. I needed a get away and was dieing to go skiing. Off we went to Utah. This was the weather the first couple of days.

Winter wonderland!

Cousins hanging out and getting to know each other again. Alec was the "Big Brother" to all his little cousins. They loved hanging with him.
Friends...together in Utah! We brought Jenna along with us for some fun and relaxation.

Sledding in my parent's backyard on Saturday night.

Playing a little "Just Dance" on the Wii

Ski day
It had been over 20 years since I had been on a
pair of skis.
So much fun!!
The "old " lady still has it!!
Kenzie getting the feel of it.
It was the first time for Kenzie, Jenna, Jensen and Alec.
They all did so good!
Speedy Gonzales...Jenna

Jensen figuring it all out!
Alec working the slopes.

And this was the weather at the end of our trip.
Sunshine, warm temps, flowers, cousins and

There were a few more highlights of the trip...

- Scott was sick with a sinus infection
- Spent a day at BYU getting questions answered for Kenzie
- BYU creamery...the BEST ice cream
- Training Table for lunch...Yumm
- Temple Square and the Lion House
- New cell phones for Kenzie and I
- Eating lots of Cinnamon Rolls
- Shopping at the "Holy Cow" Boutique (only in Pleasant Grove)
- Scott and Alec playing Basketball at the church (benefits of having your mom be Stake Relief Society President)
- Playing Just Dance on the wii
- and the long drive....oh, ya...Scott getting a speeding ticket on the way home just outside of Page. Big Bummer!
It was a great Spring Break and a much needed getaway. Now it is back to reality.

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