Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Funny and the NOT so Funny

While they are fresh in my mind I need to recap a couple of stories.

Sunday morning as we were getting ready for church. Alec morphed into Darth Vader. Nothing like a 9 year old boy in church clothes armed with a light saber and the breathing of Darth Vader.

As I was bustling about the kitchen Alec kept coming ever so close with his light saber. Pretty much challenging me to take him on. I was in my Sunday dress, heels were not on at this point.

Something got ahold of me and I began to use my kung fu kicks on him. Not bad the first time, took him by surprise. The second kick was spot on, but his reflexes were quicker than I. This time he was ready. He spun his light saber around and nailed my ankle bone with the saber handle. There was pain, hobbling and immediate discoloration of the ankle bone.

Who would of thought he would nail me with the handle. I was prepared for the saber end, definitely not the hard, plastic handle.

My play time with Alec may be coming to an end. Why do they have to get so big and strong so quick?

And now the NOT so Funny ~

Last Wednesday Scott had the privilege of taking Alec to Scouts. Alec just got new leaders. The time and location had been changed as well.

As the girls and I left for YW's I left instructions as to where the leaders lived; what street, house number, where the ward list was located, etc...

Alec dressed in his scout uniform got in the car with dad. Scott pulled up in front of the house and Alec got out of the car. At this point I would be getting out of the car with Alec, but not his dad.

The door opened a crack and there was a teenage girl. Alec turned to Scott and waved good-bye and proceeded to step into the house. At this point Scott started wondering and yelled out the window if this was so and so's house.

The girl replied,"NO." I am sure she was wondering why a little boy was trying to get into her house. Alec realized he was at the wrong house. OOPS!!

With Alec in the car, Scott looked at the street name and had a light bulb moment. Same house number, wrong street. Oh, man!

Alec did arrive at the correct house. The story was told to me by Alec the next morning. Scott had somehow forgot about this little incident.


Anna said...

Ooo! I know how those light-sabre handles feel on contact. Ouch!

stacey said...

so-how's your ankle? And isn't it funny how the dads forget those details.

Katy said...

Both stories are a crack-up! How do these men function without us--seriously? I started laughing when you said kung fu kicks, no heels, Sunday dress. You're the best!