Monday, August 17, 2009

Falcon of the Week

Must have been one great first week of school for this kid. He got picked to be the "Falcon of the Week" for this week. He must of made an incredible impression on his teacher.

He was sure excited on Friday to share the news. Not always easy for a boy to be picked first out of a class. Way to go Alec!!

Not only does he get to be the "Falcon of the Week", but he starts his ALP classes today. Man, he was so excited for that.

Mrs. Clare has been a family favorite for 10 years. She has taught both his sisters and now gets Alec. Oh, boy is she in for a treat! That should be a fun Math class.

Language is another story. Alec has heard so much about Mrs. Murphy from his friends, but has a little apprehension with all the writing and doing it at the end of the day. I think he will do great! Every summer he has a notebook that contains pictures, stories and comics that he writes and draws in all summer.

We are so proud of him. What a great student! Keep it up Alec!!

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