Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Go "GET IT" (period)!!!

Why is it that we are not better cheerleaders for each other? Why does the jealousy and envy creep up? Can we not be happy for one another when good things happen?

This weekend I watched a great movie with my husband "The Pursuit of Happiness". What a fabulous movie and full of great messages. The following is what I took from it this time around.

Will Smith's character tells his son the following;
"Don't ever let someone tell you you can't. If you got a dream you've got to protect it. If people can't do something themselves, they want to tell you you can't do it. If you want something go "GET IT" (period).

Words to live by. I am big on goal setting and thrive on achieving those goals. I believe that we should be cheerleaders for one another. We all need that positive reinforcement. It is such a great feeling knowing that someone believes in you and is cheering you on to success.

Why does ones success make others feel threatened or insecure? Friends should be loyal through thick and thin, good and bad. Are each of us that type of friend?

As a family we have talked a lot lately about friends. The discussions have included how we are as friends and how our friends are to us. Do friends pressure us to do things we normally wouldn't? Are we honest in our dealings with our friends? Do we support one another? Are we there for each other?

Friends are important to each of us. It takes a lot of time to cultivate that lasting friendship that will endure. As of late I had some experiences with friends that shocked and hurt me deeply. As I come closer to achieving a personal goal, I have found out who my true friends are. I hope that I myself am a good, positive friend and that my friends know I am there for them.

Dreams and goals help mold us into who we are. What a shame not to be able to share those with your friends. Let's not stop others from their dreams. Instead, let's help them along the way and be a part of their journey.

I have told my kids, if you have a dream, put in the work, ask your Heavenly Father for help and "GO GET IT!!"

Thank you to all of my friends near and far. I cherish you and each of you know who you are. The biggest thanks goes to my best friend...my husband. Thank you!!! You are the best cheerleader a girl can have. I love you!!


Kara Jayne said...

Great thoughts Brandee! We loved that movie too.

Melissa said...

Thanks for the comment. You and I have a lot in common, from what I have read on your blog. I just read that story by Mitt Romney a few days ago, it was fun to see that you had posted it.

The book I am reading right now is Here Be Dragons by Sharon Kay Penman. It is not the fastest read, but it is the genre that I love. Good luck and nice to get "blog acquainted."