Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Break

~My Parents~

Wow! What a great 10 days. Who knew time could go by so fast. I LOVE it when my parents come to visit. My kids have such a good time with them and love having them here. We don't get to see them all that often, so we treasure the moments we have. Here's a recap of their 10 day visit.

  • City Swim Meet at Mesquite High

  • Nutcracker Rehearsals ( watched Jensen partner with a boy for the first time. Yikes!)

  • Went to Oregano's

  • Saw the movie "Express"

  • Packed up my whole house and moved it out for new carpet. Great timing!!

  • Made Cinnamon Rolls

  • Moved the furniture back in and rearranged a few rooms and pieces of furniture

  • Went to Joe's

  • Shopping

  • Decided to do storage shelving under the stairs and in the garage (My dad always does a BIG project when he comes. This was BIG)

  • Still unpacking the house and putting back together

  • Made LOTS of cookies

  • Ate LOTS of cookies

  • Homemade rolls and crash potatoes

  • Played dominoes (Family favorite)

  • Watched movies, BSU game, BYU game

  • My Mom was my running partner. So fun to have someone go with you. I will miss that. Alec rode his bike with us one day.

10 days just flew by. We miss having them here. Thanks for all the hard work and help. We appreciate it!! We can't wait until the next visit. We will make it a relaxing one, we promise! It's back to reality...laundry, cleaning the really dirty house. Who knew that new carpet could make your house so dirty. Thanks for a great Fall Break!!

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