Thursday, April 5, 2012


Where has the time gone?!
Today Kenzie turns "19"!!
It is such a privilage to be Kenzie's mom.
She is an amazing Young Woman.
~Kenzie is caring.
~Kenzie is smart!
~Kenzie is fabulous with children..we call her the "child whisperer."
~Kenzie has a great sense of humor
~Kenzie has strong convictions and holds to them.
~Kenzie has a great head on her shoulders.
~Kenzie has a wonderful testimony of the gospel.
~Kenzie has accomplished sooo much so far in her life.
~Kenzie is beautiful inside and out.
~Kenzie LOVES chocolate!
~Kenzie is a fantastic friend.
~Kenzie is a wonderful example and an amazing big sister.

Kenzie, your dad and I are so very proud of you!
You will be an amazing teacher this fall.
Those 5th graders are sooo lucky!
You are a special young woman and
we are so lucky to have you as our daughter.
We love you!


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