Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Monday!

There are days that I sit and contemplate life....
I can't believe that I will be relocating in 9 months,
that my husband is gone a greater part of the week,
that simple family things are harder to do or missed,
that I have a daughter in college, one getting ready to
graduate High School and my baby is in 6th grade!

Disappointment and discouragement are from Satan!
Oh, boy he wants us to feel them and lately I have
felt my own share of them.
Last week it was if a light bulb went off.
I was ready, able and willing to carry on this crazy life and load.
I no longer wanted the heavy feelings that Satan was
putting on me.  Adios!!

I am truly blessed!!
No matter the hardship, my blessings far outweigh them!
I love this quote from a great Prophet (info here).

I am not sure what facilitated the change last week.
I do know that somewhere someone said a prayer
or two on my behalf,  friends supported and uplifted,
and I felt the spirit awaken my soul.

It is a new week with new and old challenges.
I will "Carry On".
For now this is my path.
It is up to me to learn, grow, Be Happy, Believe
and endure.

Happy Monday!

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