Monday, February 28, 2011

Snow in Gilbert?

for the briefest moment did indeed snow in Gilbert, Arizona. Crazy! Right? as we sat in church yesterday morning, Kenzie and I in Relief Society looked out the window and watched as the storm became slushy snow. it lasted only a couple of minutes before turning into hail and then into rain.

i was wishing i had my phone or camera with me. all the ladies in the room were trying to catch a glimpse of this monumental moment. in the 11 years that i have lived here, never has it snowed in Gilbert. the poor lady teaching had no clue that everyone was fixated on that window and not listening one bit to her lesson. it was a great lesson, but snow was exciting and new!

i know i have no proof...other than a room full of ladies that saw and Kenzie who went outside to stand in it. it proves that you never know what can or will happen. life is crazy, unpredictable and full of new adventures. who knows when snow will hit Gilbert again? not anytime soon! yesterday temp's were in the 50's, today is in the 60's and later this week we will be 80. packing away the sweaters and bringing out the shorts and the flip flops. gotta love spring in Arizona!

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Brittany Arnett said...

That's how my lesson was too. All of the girls couldn't focus at all so I let them go QUIETLY and look outside and then come right back. They should've let you guys do that too!
Thanks again for your help on Saturday. You have no idea how much I appreciated it!