Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Christmas 2009

Here is a collage of Christmas 2009. We had lots of company, numerous parties and tons of pictures.
All the Smith cousins
It had been 3 years since they were all together

Alec was so excited for Uncle Brett to come to town. They went to the Golf store, lunch, driving range and here is getting in on the wrestling. Poor Addison on the bottom.
Alec's Favorite hat
It didn't leave his head all of Winter Break

All the girl cousins...they are gorgeous!

Scott, his brother Brett (from Idaho) and Alec

More gorgeous girls
Alec is outnumbered all the time

Sharing talents on Christmas Eve
Kenzie and Alec played a duet

Christmas Eve PJ's
Always a fun tradition

Christmas Morning
Kenzie got an LCD TV for her room
it also has a built in DVD player
and IPOD dock
Oh, Boy was she excited!!
Jensen got beautiful new bedding for her room

Legos!! Need I say more.
Alec LOVES legos!!

Alec started this letter to Santa in early December.
It stayed on the white board in the playrooom the
whole month. He would add to it as the month
went by. He left pictures for Santa and a treat
in the stocking.
How cute is that!

Rick, Tawnya, Becky, Larry, Scott and Brett
(Scott's Family)
The last family photo's that were taken were in Idaho
about 11 years ago. It was time.
Grandma Smith and Alec
We were celebrating her 70th Birthday
and.....the hat again!
My parents came to town and for some reason I didn't pull out the camera at all. We went to the usual hang outs, movies and of course more baking and eating treats.
New Year's Eve was a low key night at home with Pei Wei, Glee and treats galore! At midnight Alec went out back and let off his poppers, Jensen started a silly string fight that ended up in the house and all of us covered in silly string.
We had a fabulous 2 weeks and loved all the family that came to stay and visit.

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