Saturday, July 25, 2009

as is customary...

As is customary in our home, at the age of 14 you get to start learning how to drive. Today was not different, only that it was Jensen's turn at the wheel.

This was her first time and the nerves were enormous. It probably didn't help that everyone was in the car. Practice sessions consist of driving in a church parking lot. You get use to the feel of the car, gas, brake, using the mirrors, backing up and parking.

Being her first time it was about getting her acquainted with the car.

I remember when the girls were 4 and 2. They had a Barbie jeep that they would drive down the street to Aunt Tawnya's house. I say "they", but Kenzie was the only one that would drive. Jensen was terrified and her job was to be the passenger and talk on the phone. She did it really well.

It seems that some things have not changed. Jensen was very overwhelmed with driving. The gas and brake, steering and being on the look out.

After a few minutes she seemed to get the feel of Scott's car. His is the only car...we have 2 SUV's. Which are not easy to learn on.

As she backed out of a parking space and started to pull through the parking lot, she began to navigate a turn and as she turned she was cutting too close to the curb. Scott grabbed the wheel as she panicked and pushed the gas. Wind shield wipers were going, there was a big scrap, bump and bang and there we were on the church sidewalk in Scott's car (a little Mazda 3).

There was no yelling. Everyone exited the car and looked at the scene. Thank heavens no one was at the church. Needless to say the rim is scrapped and the tire is ripped, but the whole time both Scott and I were calm and collected. Jensen was freaked out.

Scott got the car off the curb and had Jensen get back in and drive a little more.

Jensen is not a natural at driving. We are going to have to work on this and it will require a lot of patience. Hopefully no more damage to vehicles.

Amazing how quickly that little 2 year old became a 14 year old eager to learn to drive. Boy, how the time flies!


stacey said...

she is still very good at talking on the phone! Good luck with the driving lessons. I was laughing out loud!!

Steph said...

Boy oh boy. That sounds like my house only I'm worried about a 16 year old. You are so brave...