Friday, June 5, 2009

warp speed....

Summer came so quickly and we have been on the go ever since. The girls and I were off to Girl's camp (LoMia) right after Memorial Day.

It is so beautiful in the mountains and it was great to get away from the heat. We even had rain!

Kenzie and Aubrey

Jensen on the rock wall

This is the surprise Scott had waiting for Mackenzie when she got home from camp a week ago.

Nice wheels for a 16 year old. Oh, boy was she excited! I thought I would be a nervous wreck every time she got in this car, but it is so nice to have another driver. I'm not sure if she likes picking up the slack? I do worry about her and panic a little when her cell phone calls me when she is on an errand.

The calendar is still full and we have already gone to Girl's Camp, had friends over to swim, I had lunch with friends, Mackenzie has had a full social calendar and Jensen has been busy with ballet.

The girl's and I are busy getting ready for the next adventure....Paris and London. Here we come! I have 4 days left to get us packed for Europe and Jensen packed for her month long stay in Detroit.

The boy's will hold down the fort while we are gone. I am forever indebted to Steph for taking Alec while I am on all these adventures. She is the best!

It seems as if summer is in warp speed and will be gone before I know it.

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